Optimize Companies by Hiring Content Writers from Home

Optimize Companies by Hiring Content Writers from Home

The written content of any company is very important. It is one of the most crucial parts of the user experience. Because of the circumstances of working life today, traditional hiring is not the only option anymore. As the amount of work from home employees rises, so does the opportunity to hire from home. Homejobs.ph is one of the platforms that connects interested employers and professionals. On our site, employers from all over the world can choose from any qualified Filipino content writer that suits their company. Here is why it is very feasible to hire a work-from-home writer from the Philippines.

Filipinos are Proficient in English

According to statistics, only a little more than half of Filipinos can speak, write, and read English. Despite this, the ones who are proficient are on the level of any English speaking country. In fact, almost all the top colleges and universities in the Philippines are widely English speaking. Because it is taught as a second language, Filipinos have good command in the technicalities of grammar. Those looking for a work-from-home job have impeccable English skills. Filipino content writers can be globally competitive with their proficiency. They are equipped to fulfill any need of the company.

Hiring from Home Opens Up Time Flexibility

When you hire from home, you can optimize everyone’s time. Like most creative jobs, micromanaging may not be the best option. Working from home allows the content writer to follow their own process. Every creative process has peaks of progress, and your writer can optimize that. Having flexibility can reduce the writer’s “writer’s block.” A bonus in hiring from the Philippines is the difference in time zones. If you are hiring from somewhere like the United States, your writer can get content done in their morning hours, making your work move 24/7.

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Hiring from the Philippines Saves Money

Aside from not having to spend for office space or factor in transportation allowance, you can match the living rate of the Philippines, plus some! Entry level/fresh graduate jobs in the Philippines start at 15,000-20,000 pesos ($281.27 – $375.03) per month. This means you can complete quality work even on a budget. Of course, this is only a starter job pricing, and will be higher if your employee has been working previously. Even in that case, you can still save a lot. If you pay your content writer right, they will care as much as you about your company.

In Conclusion

Hiring a professional content writer will definitely benefit your company. You will get quality and care in all your content. Hiring from home means widening your scope and getting global quality. This is especially true if you hire from the Philippines. Give your company the content it deserves and hire the right people. You will definitely reap the rewards.

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Optimize Companies by Hiring Graphic Designers from Home

Part of creating a strong brand is having the right designers on your team. Don’t fall into the trap of having templates done by an online service. While it is more expensive to hire a professional graphic designer, it will definitely give you profitable returns. In addition, when considering hiring graphic designers, don’t limit yourself to hiring locally – graphic designers can be found all over the world. Yes, hiring a professional will cost you more, but when you hire from home, you could find yourself spending much less for more work done. Optimize your company by hiring a professional graphic designer from home.

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Optimize Your Designer’s Time and Your Money

If you have met a graphic designer who loves their craft, you will know that they have their individual creative processes. They also have different peak hours for creativity. Some graphic designers do better in the morning, some do better after midnight. Micromanaging your designer may cause unnecessary stress and lower the excellence of the output. This is why it may be the best course to hire from home. If you hire the right designer, you will get the best collateral without the panic of seeing how they work.

Optimize Different Living Rates

This is where you will save the most money. Hiring a graphic designer from home means you have your pick of any country’s finest. Homejobs.ph caters to a wide Filipino base where clients from all over the world can hire Filipino professionals. Entry level graphic design jobs can range from 15,000-20,000 pesos ($281.27 – $375.03) per month. With this budget you can get globally-competitive designs for your company.

Optimize Methodical Creativity

Hiring a professional graphic designer doesn’t just mean you get good design. A real designer will put in all the necessary hours – this includes researching your competitors and religiously stick to your brand. This is especially true when you hire from home. When you hire from home, you are hiring specialists who are focused on bringing your brand to its full potential. Designers who work from home can stay in the zone, optimizing the time they have. And because they don’t have to worry about the commute back and forth to work, they can stay in the zone more effectively.

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In Conclusion

It can be to your benefit to hire a graphic designer from home. Although the amount of designers out there can be staggering, finding and hiring the one best suited to your company can reap big rewards. The one thing to remember is that if you treat your designer right, they will do the best by your company.

Outsourcing in the Philippines

Outsourcing is an effective way to accomplish your company’s goals. You’d get to work with passionate and efficient individuals from different places. As an online platform, HomeJobs Philippines opens opportunities for entrepreneurs to outsource from the country where employment is valued and creativity flourishes – the Philippines.

You may be wondering why outsourcing in the Philippines can help you with your business or company.

Here are the top five reasons why hiring Filipino workers can be advantageous:

Convenient communication

As a universal language, English is familiar to many Filipinos in the workforce. The country uses it as a medium for education in schools and as a secondary language. As the literacy rate in the Philippines soars to nearly a hundred percent, communicating with Filipino employees will not be a challenge.

Moreover, most Filipinos are knowledgeable in using social media and the internet as a means for communication. Besides language proficiency, Filipinos know how to use the necessary tools to effectively communicate with employers.

Flexible working schedules

Time zones differ in all parts of the globe. However, this does not hinder many Filipino employees who prefer to work online. Productivity hours in the Philippines vary. As the country takes pride in managing some of the world’s most lucrative BPO industries, Filipinos can easily adjust to their working schedule to provide the best outcome for your company.

Diverse skill-sets

Besides their ability to adjust to any working schedule or the English language proficiency, Filipinos are known for various skills that are on demand for outsourcing. Whether the job requires transcription, customer service, animation, web designing, layout designing, account management, quality assurance, tutorials, or content writing, online Filipino workers accomplish tasks efficiently. Their talents are as diverse as the islands of their country.

Remarkable Work Ethic

Filipinos value integrity when working. Although outsourcing may not require you to check on your employees at all times due to the distance and time differences, you need not worry when hiring Filipino workers to get the job done. Hardworking Filipinos manage to do well even when they are not being told to. Besides this, Filipinos also value respect, and they know how to politely address their employers and workmates.

Economic means

Outsourcing in the Philippines may not only help you run your business, but it will also provide Filipinos who prefer to work for home-based online jobs with income to support their families.

Important to consider, their skills can generate income for your business and company. Whether you need to advertise online or update your business profile, most Filipino employees go the extra mile by following your instructions and complementing their tasks with innate knowledge and creativity.


Like many businesses and companies, collaboration is the key to achieve goals. Whether it’s your first time to outsource or you’ve been doing this to keep your business running, considering the background of your potential employees is the first step. With some of the reasons listed above, the Philippines can be a hotspot for the industry.

Traffic, Pollution and Health in the Philippines

Traffic, Pollution and Health in the Philippines

One of the biggest problems in the cities of the Philippines is traffic. As of 2013, the LTO has registered 7,690,038 vehicles in the country. 2,101,148 of these vehicles were registered in NCR. This has led to problems in the workers’ efficiency and health because of the pollution and stress from the road. What breeds all this traffic? The answer is this: the need to work. Everyone needs to work but not everyone can get jobs near their homes. This being the case, all these vehicles (private cars, UVs, motorcycles, etc.) are required to keep the economy running.

This has been an accepted truth since cars boomed. Small-time cities that are starting to grow, like Cagayan de Oro, are starting to feel the stress of traffic. Air pollution such as smog and acid rain have become a fact. Hours of time have been allotted and wasted on travelling to and from work. How does this affect the Filipino workforce?

Juggling Sleep and Productivity

If you live in Pasig but work in BGC, you may be familiar with the pain of the road. You get up at 4am because if you leave any later than 5am, you’re in for a two-hour “ride”. You end work at 5pm and get home at 7pm if you’re lucky. This isn’t a rare case, no matter where you live or work.

This schedule is a waste of productivity. The four hours spent in traffic could be used for both more sleep and more activities. Instead it becomes a battle between the two. Without sleep, people become less productive. They will not perform at their best and this will cost them their health and the company money. Meanwhile, choosing sleep means neglecting other things. For example, if you are a parent, you will have less time to tidy your house. You will also have less time to spend with your children. If you aren’t a parent, you lose the chance to do other things, like going out with friends or learning new things. With this arrangement, you have to be willing to make your job your life.

The Effects on Health

No matter who you are, being on the road will affect you physically. “The National Emissions Inventory in 2012 said that 71 percent of air pollution in the country comes from vehicles on the road. This number is even higher in the National Capital Region (NCR) where 85 percent of air pollution comes from vehicles,” writes Trisha Macas from GMA News. Some of the results of this are respiratory problems. Not only will such a problem hamper work efficiency, but it will also lower your chances of living longer. Road pollution also raises blood pressure, which may become permanent.

As aforementioned, being on the road lessens the time you have to sleep. For those who have weaker constitutions and other bodily problems, sleep is very important. Sleep rejuvenates the body and mind. Without sleep, your immune system is lower, your concentration levels drop, and you will be more prone to mood swings and weight gain. Not having enough sleep because of the drive/commute will take its toll on you sooner or later.

Traffic and pollution affect your mental health as well. Because of the high blood pressure and stress, there is an increased risk of depression and anxiety. A study showed that this was especially true for people who commuted for 10 miles or further.

In a space as small as the Philippines, this problem could reach people who aren’t even commuters. Because of the density of establishments, the carbon emissions could very well enter homes and schools.

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Our Solution

Traffic is just part of the job. While it has negative impacts on health, those who are willing to fight for it can endure it. But it is acknowledged that not everyone can survive it. Some are struggling with issues, such as asthma, skin conditions, or depression and anxiety. Some of you cannot physically make the trip to work. If you are one of these people, this can be your solution: work from home. Homejobs.ph helps employers find Filipino workers to hire for jobs of all kinds. No matter where you are in the Philippines, just sign up and start searching for jobs!

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Hire from Home and Save Money!

Hire from Home and Save Money!

All businesses and companies want to make money somehow. This sometimes means finding the most efficient ways to save it. There are many ways to implement cost reduction. One of which is to hire from home, specifically from the Philippines. This option is increasingly becoming more and more popular in the business scene. Here are the biggest ways your company can reduce costs by hiring from home.

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Differences in Rates of Living

Different countries have different rates for living. The Philippines in particular has quite a low rate, compared to other European and Western countries. Hiring home workers from the Philippines means you pay based on that rate. This is especially helpful for start-up businesses as you get the most out of your employees’ time for less money. Don’t be alarmed by this! Because of the low living rate, most employees would be satisfied with what you have to offer. It’s all a matter of the deal you both agree to. When that is taken care of, you will see just how much you can save because of it.

Increased Productivity

Filipinos are known to be hard-working and driven. Because of the general struggle in the Philippines, the citizens have learned to all earn their keep. This breeds hard workers who get little back. This is why working from home has become the better option. It’s a better option for the employers as well. Most employers who have hired Filipinos from home are more than satisfied with the returns.

In addition, Filipinos also form family-oriented bonds. This means they will do their best to love your company as you do. This mix will be great for your company. Your productivity and thus your money will shoot up.

Lower Real Estate Expenses

One of the most obvious pros of hiring from home is that you save on office space. Renting rooms or floors for your team can be a heavy expense. There are also things like recreational rooms to take into account, not to mention bills for electricity, water, internet, and other similar amenities. This is why hiring from home is so budget friendly. Not only do you save on office space, but your employees get to work where they’re more comfortable. The bottom-line is that your company will definitely save money if you hire from home.

Happier Employees

Hiring from home benefits both you and your employee equally. Because your employees are happy with the conditions and pay, they will be more efficient. This efficiency will in turn reward you, the employer. Remember, it’s not always about how much money you can save, but how much you can get for your money. Hiring from home means you’re paying for pure hard work. Outsourcing from the Philippines means the same, but for less. This may be the most efficient way to boost your company and save you the most money.

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Establishing Your Home Business-Virtual Assistant Services

Establishing Your Home Business-Virtual Assistant Services

Through a series of articles, we will look at tips, information, and advice that will be aimed at assisting you to establish, operate and grow your own home-based business. Starting with Virtual Assistant services. every week, over the next 5 weeks,  we will look at The Benefits Of Working At Home and how best to utilize your skills and the potential services you can offer using your knowledge and experience.

Virtual Assistant Services-It Starts With A Comprehensive Plan

As scary as starting your own business can be, it is also one of the most rewarding experiences you will have achieved. For whatever the possible reason you have made this fundamental decision, your ultimate success traditionally starts with planning and taking the time to understand how best to logically and efficiently utilize and sufficiently promote the necessary skills.

Aim For Excellence

Excellent performance results in satisfied clients and happy clients covert into potential earnings. Let’s be honest, the key reasons we all work is to make money. However, doing it the right way will mean you undoubtedly continue to expand a lucrative business. Your goal at the top of your visions and values should be about establishing your business built on trust, excellent customer services and hard-earned references and referrals.

Big, Better Results

By all means, your home business might be small, but ultimately, all goods things start with a comprehensive plan. So think big, plan big and do not shortcut just because you can. Planning should essentially be a core part of establishing your potential business and ultimately growing your customer base. However, always remember that do not outgrow your potential. Do not make promises you cannot deliver on. IYour honesty and the trust relationships you establish with your clients is an ESSENTIAL part of your business and services.

If an opportunity presents itself, you owe it to yourself to consider all the options. Over the next few articles, we will take a look at the possibilities of establishing your own agency and sub-contracting the services. Just because your setup is small, does not mean your goals cannot be BIG!

Virtual Assistant – Do You Have The Skills?

To begin with, ask yourself, what marketable skills do you have to offer a potential client in exchange for levying them a reasonable fee? This may be a solitary skill or a possible range of essential skills. Whether you over time choose to increase the services you offer or focus on specializing in a solo skill, it starts by knowing what you have to offer. When offering your essential services, like a virtual assistant, there are a few skills and qualities you must have in order to successfully deliver an acceptable service to the potential client.

Simply states, the point is, do not promise what you cannot deliver on. Do not simply take on a job for the money. The jobs you accept should always be aligned with your skills and resources. HONESTY is key! Not only is it good business etiquette but also an essential part of excellent customer service. It is also important to remember that you owe it to yourself to choose your clients with the same qualities and requirements that clients use to hire employees.

Excellent Communication Skills

Working at home, remotely means that the majority of your services will include some form of written or verbal communication. This could be through a number of resources, such as telephone, e-mail, fax, etc. It is important that you always practice excellent communication skills, whether verbally or through written communications. If for instance, your tasks include written communication, such as e-mail campaigns, reports and even preparing presentations.

You will need to effectively, clearly and ALWAYS professionally communicate, both verbally and in written form. Familiarize yourself with the essentials of business communication skills.

Computer Skills

Working from home will mean you that majority of your work behind the screen of your computer. It is essential you are literate in the basic Microsoft Programs as well as the most popular apps and comprehensive programs that are typically used to properly communicate, share resources or create and upload shared files.

Excellent Time Management, Planning, and Discipline

Not only must be disciplined but planning is also essential. You will need to organize, efficiently manage and discipline yourself when it comes to tasks and timing. Do not over promise, this essential ends in disappointment and worst-case scenario, result in loss of earnings. You need to reasonable when making promises to the client. For instance, if the client is being unrealistic in terms of timing, inform them and propose recommendations of what is likely to work better.

Plan and stick to it.  Decide on a starting time stick to it. Make sure you are up, fresh and ready to start your day at that time. Do not get sidetracked by your environment. Working at home requires exceptional discipline. It is so easy to disregard the rules and get distracted by your family or chores. Best advice is to separate two. Set up a small workspace. Know that this will be where you spend your working hours.


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  3. officeskills.org



Differences in Hiring Traditionally or From Home (from the Philippines)

As times have changed and the world has progressed, the hiring process has evolved as well. It’s no doubt that traditional hiring remains the number 1 option. However, more and more Filipinos are becoming available to be hired to work from home. As someone who runs a business or company, you only want the best individuals to be on your team. As you consider when to go traditional or to hire from home, here are a few things you may first want to know.

Pros of traditional hiring

Traditional hiring means that you and your employees can meet up face to face and create a collaborative atmosphere. For some companies, it’s meetings like these that generate the most fruitful results. Having an office space to work in with office mates you see daily encourages employees to leave their comfort zone. This builds up relationship skills and aids in keeping up the company culture.

Cons of traditional hiring

On the other hand, the office atmosphere does not fit every person. While most employees can hold an 8-5 job without complaints, there are those who generally work better at different hours. These individuals mostly prefer to do their work at night, when it’s peaceful and they can optimize their most productive time.

Having a local team is good. But there will be the risk of not being able to optimize the best skills for your company or business. Look to hire people who work from home for a wider range of skill.

Pros of hiring from home

As was aforementioned, hiring traditionally means that your employees get to build relationships and interact with each other. In contrast, hiring from home can mean a raise in personal happiness and well-being in your employees. Especially in the Philippines, where most Filipinos are family-oriented. Working from home will be much appreciated if it means they can provide for their families without having to leave for long lengths of time.

In addition, although the Philippines is technically a third-world country, strong influences by first world countries have raised its standards. This means that you can avail of globally competitive skill sets you may not be able to find while hiring traditionally. This will optimize your budget and you will get the value you are paying for. In addition, you can cut significantly cut down on costs and expenditures. You can pay based on a contract, or on the lower living costs of your employee. This is especially true if you hire from the Philippines. 

Cons of hiring from home

Like traditional hiring, there are also downsides to hiring from home. One of them is that there is a risk of misaligned values for the company or business, something better honed face to face. Because of the “freedom” one has when working from home, there is also a chance that the employee will not feel the urgency or need to push themselves to work harder. There is also a risk of language barriers and internet speed differences. This most likely happens when you hire from the less developed parts of the Philippines. Fortunately, both problems can be avoided by using different methods of screening applicants. 

In Conclusion

To hire traditionally or from home is entirely up to your company culture. For most businesses, there needs to be an equilibrium between those who work at the office and those who work from home. Needless to say, if you lean towards the option of hiring remote from the Philippines, know that there are many hard-working Filipinos out there who can definitely optimize your output and give you the most for your money.


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Working from Home is the Philippines’ Next Big Thing

Working from Home is the Philippines’ Next Big Thing

The decision to work from home is a big one and can seem daunting at first. There is that fear of stepping out into the unknown, putting yourself out there to test your skill and knowledge on a global scale, working for employers who are based internationally. Nevertheless, it is increasingly becoming an option for the everyday Filipino. Here are some reasons to show you why more and more Filipino employees are choosing to join the work-from-home train.

The time you spend getting to work can be put to better use.

Working from home means you avoid the two-hour city traffic. It’s endurable for those who drive air-conditioned cars, but for those who have to commute it can be difficult and unhygienic, which can negatively affect their work efficiency and general happiness. In Manila alone, the average Filipino spends around 1,000 hours a year in traffic, which is time wasted that could be used on more productive things, such as making a better presentation or getting the appropriate amount of sleep.

You have the liberty to choose the hours that will be most efficient for you.

There are certain peak hours wherein a person works most efficiently. Having a full-time job from home means that you can most likely schedule your working hours based on when you are the most productive. And since the Philippines puts a premium on strong family ties, if you are a parent who has young children you need to watch over but you want to keep earning, working from home is the perfect setup for you to juggle childcare and breadwinning.

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal hobbies.

In connection with the previous points, working from home means that you save time on travelling to and from work and you can work comfortably from your own home. This means that you have much more time on your hands to work on personal hobbies and passion projects. After working hard at your job, you can now sit back and finish your painting, or keep honing the skills you already have. Working from home is a great option for aspiring artists who want to support themselves.

You don’t even jeopardize your salary.

To add a cherry on top of this sundae, working from home does not mean earning less. Filipinos who work from home can earn as much as they would in a starter job in a corporate company, if not more.

Finally, you are not alone.

Especially if you are a millennial. Telecommuting has become more and more popular amongst the Filipino millennials, what with the rise of technology and everyday communication via gadgets. It has become so popular that the House of Representatives approved the House Bill 7402, or the Telecommuting Act, on May 28, 2018, allowing Filipinos to have the option to legally work from home, and providing guidelines for employers who wish to hire telecommuting employees.
So don’t be afraid to look into the option of working from the comfort of your own home. For the wearied commuter, the passionate artist, or the busy homebody, this could be one of the best opportunities out there.


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The Benefits of Working At Home

The Benefits of Working At Home

The Benefits of Working At Home

It cannot be denied that the internet has become one of the most triumphant inventions in the digital age. When it became a part of our lives, the internet provided opportunities that did not exist a century before.

Besides the convenience of communication through the use of social media, the easy access to entertainment through video and music-centric websites, or the privilege to a variety of educational resources, the internet can also be a place for employment.

But as the internet can exist anywhere, so to does employment opportunities that come with it.

At HomeJobs.PH we value the convenience of employees. That is why the list of jobs posted on our site allows them to work anywhere they can be comfortable. All they need would is an internet connection and the technology (e.g. laptop, computer) that goes with it. Through this, they can earn whilst working at home.

Below is our list of reasons why working at home can be beneficial. Although there may be a lot of points to consider, we base these from a common setting:


You can be comfortable in your own space.


Many of us can be very productive when we work at a familiar place. If you’re comfortable working under your roof, then all your resources are within reach. Grab a snack from your pantry when you feel like your stomach is grumbling. Take a gulp of refreshment from your favorite glass in your kitchen when your mouth is parched. You know your way to your restroom when you your bladder is full or when nature calls. What’s even better is that you don’t have to stress yourself to look fancy. All it takes is for your laptop or computer to function, then your house becomes your office where you can make the rules.


You don’t have to commute for long hours


Have you ever been stuck in traffic? It’s like hell on the road when that happens. What’s worse is that you’d be beating the time so you won’t arrive late at your workplace. If you work at home, this won’t happen at all. Although there may be some online jobs that would require you a specific time schedule for the day (while some are output-based), you don’t have to get stuck in traffic once you’re working within your own space. Perhaps the only travelling time you’d get to spend before turning on your device would start from the moment you get out of bed to the second you sit before your screen.


You can do many things and feel good for what you’ve accomplished.


Are chores part of your daily routine? Is no one going to feed your pet? Have you read that latest book published by your favorite author? When you work at home, all rules are yours to create and follow. You can even paint your room while waiting for your employer’s response over the e-mail. Multi-tasking might not be applicable to some who could easily lose momentum and focus by putting their hands on many things at once, but working at home can let you do many things within a day. As some online jobs only require part-time work, you may still spare a time for whatever you want to do.


You will be safe.


Whether you’re an individual who prefers to stay at home or an adventurous extrovert who happens to keep an online job, generally, you’ll be safe under your own roof if you prefer working at home. For one, you don’t get to be exposed by external factors that might risk you your safety (e.g. road crash, muggers, etc.). But this may sound a bit too pessimistic. Still, what could go wrong when you’re at your convenience?

All points considered, there are many reasons why working at home can be beneficial for you when your job is online. Although your home may just be one among the many venues you find comfortable working, with an online job, you can go places just as the internet virtually exists anywhere.

7 Steps To Setting Up a Successful Freelancing Business

7 Steps To Setting Up a Successful Freelancing Business

We previously considered the reasons some people choose to establish a home-based freelancing business. This time, we will be looking at the requirements and taking the first steps to set up a successful home-based entrepreneurship. With the evolution of technology, combined with the affordability and access to key technology, there has been a steady growth in the number of freelancing employment opportunities.

The Pros To Setting Up A Successful Home Based Freelancing Business

There are a number of pros to set up your own home based freelancing business. Besides the reasons covered in our previous blog, “Are you thinking about working from home”, additional pros include:

  • It is a fast and affordable way to broaden your employment opportunities.
  • You are relying on your skills and experience to offer services and do not need additional licenses or certifications. The services are based on your knowledge and skills you have.
  • You get to choose the services, clients, industries, and jobs you want to do.
  • You can focus your skills on one specific area like social media marketing or offer services based on your combined knowledge and experiences like a virtual assistant.
  • You choose the number of clients and the hours to work.

Tools And Resources

You will need the correct equipment and resources. This will enable you to maximize on your potential. There are a number of resources and apps available at little or no cost which will enable you to establish effective communications with clients, regardless of where they are located. The following is an example of the apps, programs, and resources available to you:

  • Slack is a great app for both communication and file sharing.
  • Telegram is an easy to use app which enables you to communicate, share files and develop groups.
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Process Street templates
  • Doc Hub
  • Grammarly
  • Screencastify

Take some time to check out the apps, read terms and conditions and also the reviews for the apps you would likely be using. This will ensure that you are choosing the apps best suited for your needs.

7 Steps To Get You Started

  • Compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses and the services you will most likely be interested in offering. Once you have made the list, you can start to narrow down the services to the tasks for which you are most likely suited and enjoy doing. Your strengths and weaknesses perform a critical role in the services you are offering. For example, you cannot offer translation services if you are not bilingual in the language you are offering. Services you can offer will depend on your own wants, needs, and abilities. These services can include anything ranging from bookkeeping to project maintenance.
  • List your potential clients. Once you have decided on the services you can offer, compile a list of possible clients and markets that are most likely in the market for the services you offer. This list can include any possible market that is most likely to outsource their services such as solo-entrepreneurs. Drop shipping stores, real-estate agents and more.
  • Start with a business plan. Your business plan will constitute the foundation of your home-based business and will enable you to execute your plan in a structured, concise and logically grouped manner. Your business plan will equally serve as a benchmark for your performance goals and growth. (1)
  • Produce a business name which is unique and will describe the services you offer. Do not limit the growth of your business with the name. If you start off offering transcription services but later add translation services, it is not logical to name the business ABC Transcriptions. Employ a name that will allow you to grow and include supplemental services as you continue to establish your services.
  • Establish a business account. There are a number of resources available which will enable you to be paid from anywhere across the globe. Most of these services enable you to invoice the client and request payment via the services. This is a significant way to keep track of and manage your payments. To get an idea of what is available and what you can expect, you can check out the services offered by Paypal, Payoneer and mobile payment apps.
  • Develop your marketing plan. This will serve as a guide to ensuring that you are reaching your maximum potential and utilizing the available resources to their maximum potential. You can include social media, advertising, website and more. It helps to recognize who your market is and how best to reach out to them.(2)
  • Most importantly, consistently deliver a top-quality service. Do not oversell yourself just to succeed in obtaining the job. Be realistic and do not underprice your services. Reliable clients with the best interest of their business at heart will pay for good services. Establish an excellent working relationship with your clients, stay professional and deliver quality work, every time.

Next time we will take a look at how best to use your skills and knowledge.