The written content of any company is very important. It is one of the most crucial parts of the user experience. Because of the circumstances of working life today, traditional hiring is not the only option anymore. As the amount of work from home employees rises, so does the opportunity to hire from home. is one of the platforms that connects interested employers and professionals. On our site, employers from all over the world can choose from any qualified Filipino content writer that suits their company. Here is why it is very feasible to hire a work-from-home writer from the Philippines.

Filipinos are Proficient in English

According to statistics, only a little more than half of Filipinos can speak, write, and read English. Despite this, the ones who are proficient are on the level of any English speaking country. In fact, almost all the top colleges and universities in the Philippines are widely English speaking. Because it is taught as a second language, Filipinos have good command in the technicalities of grammar. Those looking for a work-from-home job have impeccable English skills. Filipino content writers can be globally competitive with their proficiency. They are equipped to fulfill any need of the company.

Hiring from Home Opens Up Time Flexibility

When you hire from home, you can optimize everyone’s time. Like most creative jobs, micromanaging may not be the best option. Working from home allows the content writer to follow their own process. Every creative process has peaks of progress, and your writer can optimize that. Having flexibility can reduce the writer’s “writer’s block.” A bonus in hiring from the Philippines is the difference in time zones. If you are hiring from somewhere like the United States, your writer can get content done in their morning hours, making your work move 24/7.

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Hiring from the Philippines Saves Money

Aside from not having to spend for office space or factor in transportation allowance, you can match the living rate of the Philippines, plus some! Entry level/fresh graduate jobs in the Philippines start at 15,000-20,000 pesos ($281.27 – $375.03) per month. This means you can complete quality work even on a budget. Of course, this is only a starter job pricing, and will be higher if your employee has been working previously. Even in that case, you can still save a lot. If you pay your content writer right, they will care as much as you about your company.

In Conclusion

Hiring a professional content writer will definitely benefit your company. You will get quality and care in all your content. Hiring from home means widening your scope and getting global quality. This is especially true if you hire from the Philippines. Give your company the content it deserves and hire the right people. You will definitely reap the rewards.

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