Working from Home is the Philippines’ Next Big Thing

The decision to work from home is a big one and can seem daunting at first. There is that fear of stepping out into the unknown, putting yourself out there to test your skill and knowledge on a global scale, working for employers who are based internationally. Nevertheless, it is increasingly becoming an option for the everyday Filipino. Here are some reasons to show you why more and more Filipino employees are choosing to join the work-from-home train.

The time you spend getting to work can be put to better use.

Working from home means you avoid the two-hour city traffic. It’s endurable for those who drive air-conditioned cars, but for those who have to commute it can be difficult and unhygienic, which can negatively affect their work efficiency and general happiness. In Manila alone, the average Filipino spends around 1,000 hours a year in traffic, which is time wasted that could be used on more productive things, such as making a better presentation or getting the appropriate amount of sleep.

You have the liberty to choose the hours that will be most efficient for you.

There are certain peak hours wherein a person works most efficiently. Having a full-time job from home means that you can most likely schedule your working hours based on when you are the most productive. And since the Philippines puts a premium on strong family ties, if you are a parent who has young children you need to watch over but you want to keep earning, working from home is the perfect setup for you to juggle childcare and breadwinning.

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal hobbies.

In connection with the previous points, working from home means that you save time on travelling to and from work and you can work comfortably from your own home. This means that you have much more time on your hands to work on personal hobbies and passion projects. After working hard at your job, you can now sit back and finish your painting, or keep honing the skills you already have. Working from home is a great option for aspiring artists who want to support themselves.

You don’t even jeopardize your salary.

To add a cherry on top of this sundae, working from home does not mean earning less. Filipinos who work from home can earn as much as they would in a starter job in a corporate company, if not more.

Finally, you are not alone.

Especially if you are a millennial. Telecommuting has become more and more popular amongst the Filipino millennials, what with the rise of technology and everyday communication via gadgets. It has become so popular that the House of Representatives approved the House Bill 7402, or the Telecommuting Act, on May 28, 2018, allowing Filipinos to have the option to legally work from home, and providing guidelines for employers who wish to hire telecommuting employees.
So don’t be afraid to look into the option of working from the comfort of your own home. For the wearied commuter, the passionate artist, or the busy homebody, this could be one of the best opportunities out there.

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